Julian Ingrosso

Miami Beach, FL – July 26, 2012 – Mynt was the place to party Thursday night with the weekly pre-weekend ritual. Resident DJ Julian Ingrosso continues to impress each week, keeping everyone coming back for more.

Sammy Glugeth

Nicole Belinky

Carol Magalhaes & Andrea Morales

Diana Martinez

Nicole Belinky, Melissa Belinky, Carla Tamborini, & Crystel Alvarez

Melissa Belinky & Carla Tamborini

Nicole Belinky, Melissa Belinky, & Crystel Alvarez

Thais Donatto

Vanessa Arango & Diana Martinez

Fernanda Neves & Samara Fenstersheib

Martina Echevarria & Laura Tejeda