Miami Beach, FL – July 2, 2012 – This Monday FDR & Bianca at Delano kicked off the weeklong 4th of July celebration with Mr. Mauricio & Iron Lyon in the DJ booth at FDR and an elegant dinner at Bianca. DJ Chuckie also came out to join the local Miami crowd as they jumpstarted their week.

Bianca at Delano

Jackson Vroman, Jimmy Greenup, Purple, Amanda Wong, Joe Lahoud, Chris Paciello, David Grutman, Jen White, & Nick Smith

David Grutman

Jackson Vroman & Jimmy Greenup

Jimmy Greenup & Purple

Jen White & Nick Smith

Amanda Wong & Joe Lahoud

Mr. Mauricio at FDR at Delano

Macey Pellici, Alex Saladrigas, & Julia Rus

Julia Rus

Jaclyn Waters

DJ Fergie

Nicole Hight

Shannon K.

Jordan Schilling, Alex Saladrigas, & Julia Rus

Jimmy Greenup

Alex Saladrigas & Rene Martin

Veronika Sznajder & Macey Pellici

Veronika Sznajder, Julia Rus, & Macey Pellici

Jaclyn Waters & Jimmy Greenup

Homero Ganem & Macy Pellici

Max Pierre & Erik Yehezkel

Chuckie & David Grutman


Bird & DJ Williams

DJ Fergie & Mr. Mauricio

Shannon K. & Nicole Hight