Max Vangeli

Miami Beach, FL – July 21, 2012 – Max Vangeli ended the weekend with a set at LIV Saturday that ensured everyone a satisfying night. LIV was crawling with models and visitors from all over the world, all catching a glimpse of fabulous South Beach nightlife.

Max Vangeli

Max Vangeli

Jennifer Bond

Chloe Gasset & Chloe Koplin

Chloe Gasset

Stephanie Bascone

Rachel Romero, Lexi Bryon, & Vigi Cutler

Vanessa Diminich & Cassandra Schindler

Caitlin Nordstrom & Stephanie Bascone

Vanessa Diminich & Cassandra Schindler

Max Vangeli

Rachel Romero & Vigi Cutler

Paola Velandia

Christine Sutton & Yannick Alessio

Stephanie Bascone & Caitlin Nordstrom

Max Vangeli

Vigi Cutler

Hilda & Buster Cox

Buster Cox

Leesa Martin & Rochelle Fletcher

Mednas, Moe Garcia, & Keith Paciello

Daniel Mawardi & Cayla Parks

CJ Gibson & Nils

Max Vangeli

  • Frank

    EPIC night on my birthday!

    Excellent photos!