Shanise Taylor & Tricia Tirone

Miami Beach, FL – June 30, 2012 – Rounding out the weekend at LIV was one of Miami’s favorite DJs, Chuckie bringing the finale to the insane week. He played late into the night and had everyone dancing intensely until the very end.

Shanise Taylor & Tricia Tirone

Danielle Harrington



Brooke Berger, Alison Ramsey, & Jill Berger

Jill Berger, Brooke Berger, & Alison Ramsey


Joe Lahoud, Leo, Nick Smith, & Purple

Ryan Narain, David Grutman, Su Unlu, & Kelly Gray

Kelly Gray, David Grutman, & Su Unlu

Joe Buttice, DJ Chuckie, & Jourdan Lawlor

Raul Conde & DJ Irie

Ryan Narain & David Grutman

Drew Harden, DJ Irie, Jorge Matto, & Luis Dream

Sydney Roper & Vanessa Rumreich

Sarah Mcfarland & Audrey Schmidt

Nathan Valentine & Sunny Middleton

Jimmy Greenup