Miami Beach, FL – July 20, 2012 – Friday night at the Soho Beach HouseBasta Surf’s Samantha August and Emily Ford celebrated their collaboration with Supermodel Julie Henderson. Model’s Jessica Gomes and Nicole Trunfino toasted with with UV coconut vodka and Disaronno! Bantu’s Yodit Eklund was spotted in a major red pepper skirt talking with Elle’s Jade Frampton. While Marissa Collections owner Jay Hartington worked the room.

Julie Henderson

Samantha August, Julie Henderson, & Emily Ford

Lauren Marie Young, Melrose, & Julie Henderson

Lauren Marie Young & Samantha Emson

Samantha Emson, Melrose, Misty Cudahy, & Lauren Marie Young

Samantha August, Jay Hartington, & Emily Ford

Jennifer Mohlar, Emily Ford, & Allison Bryant

Charlene Tucker, Zachary Scott, & Katie Luddy

Leah Chung & Christina Amaral

Emily Ford & Samantha August

Charlene Tucker & Katie Luddy

Emily Ford, Julie Henderson, & Samantha August

Emily Ford & Jay Hartington

Rebekah Keida, Nathan Lieberman, Robert Rico, & Hannah Carnes

Lauren Macmillan, JC Carollo, & Kelly Brady

Adrian Baschuk & Lee Lyon

Meg Vitacco & Estelle Nichols

Samantha August & Tina Langley

Christina Amaral, Effie Panagopoulos, & Susan Sajewicz

Ivan Rusilko, Deede Weithorn, Michael Gongora, & Kley Tarcitano

Danielle LeMay, Brian Skinner, & Frank Ybarra