Miami Beach, FL – July 13, 2012 – The weekend at Bamboo started off strong with DJ Rascal in the DJ booth giving the perfect mix to excite the crowd. The new, orignal dance performance included glow in the dark accessories which pleased the eyes of the crowd while the music pleased their ears.

DJ Rascal

DJ Rascal

Emilia Andersson

Monica Costar

Nicoleta Vaculov & Monica Costar

Juliana Moreno, Daniela Fischer, & Taylor Brooks

Tati Leon

Glo Mischka & Lisa Marshall

Jenn Dasilva & Adri Pavon

Scarlet Ramirez, Briana Belostock, Jenn Dasilva, & Adri Pavon

Juliana Moreno, Daniela Fischer, Taylor Brooks, & Joel Ramos