Miami Beach, FL – June 3, 2012 – White Rabbit is South Beach’s hottest new soundscape combining the sexiest elements of Miami’s most luxurious pool parties with a refreshing twist of the New York day club experience.  The Delano has called upon Miami’s #1 pool party architect & top Miami DJ/Producer, Justin Sheppard of RX Ventures, to create this most impressive White Rabbit phenomenon.  Every Sunday thereafter will be nothing short of the same with upcoming performances by many more of the worlds best DJ talent delivered by dance music powerhouse booking agent Gianfranco Dossena of No Sugar Added.  Get ready to experience Delano pool parties like never before, and all you have to do to get in is… “Follow The White Rabbit”.

Linley Edwards & Warren Sapp

Linley Edwards & Rony Seikaly

Rony Seikaly

Victoria Krutova, Gianfranco Dossena, Malinka Max, & Vilena Vix

Tatiana Ilina, Victoria Krutova, Malinka Max, & Vilena Vix

Vilena Vix

Vilena Vix

Hekena Zografou, Manna Asgeirdeodottir, & Elizabeth French

Erin Bell & Kayla Santos

Amber Arrendondr & Liz Rodriguez

Sacha Sigorov

Spencer Gordon

Spencer Gordon & Justin Shepard

Rony Seikaly

Victoria Tota & Hannah Talar

Olga Zheleznyakoba & Lidia Kolesnikoea

Warren Sapp & Julio Batista

Gianfranco Dossena, Rony Seikaly, Victoria Krutova, & Malinka Max

Victoria Krutova, Malinka Max, Gianfranco Dossena, & Tatiana Ilina

Victoria Krutova, Tatiana Ilina, Malinka Max, & Vilena Vix