Miami Beach, FL – June 16, 2012 – This past Saturday, The Baum Brothers, Max and Sam , came out to Chalk as special guest DJs. The brothers who have been known to throw quite the party, brought a great energy to Chalk’s eclectic scene.

Max Baum & Sam Baum

Rocky Ziri

Jackie Defrancesco & Tonya Dubin

Amanda Alayan & Taylor Ashley

Christie Collon

Sam Baum & Max Baum

Max Baum, Tom Laroc, & Sam Baum

Junior Alonso & Vanessa Jorge

Adriana Moschides & Jordan Hurst

Joey Golinski & Deon Mandelestam

Joanna, Antonio Hernandez, Delphine Chiron, & Zack Muller

Devin Glines & Tori Kichler

Rocky Ziri & Ashley Berg

Rocky Ziri & Max Baum