Miami Beach, FL – June 7, 2012 –WALL Thursdays are hitting hard each week and this week Stretch Armstrong brought out the best in the WALL crowd. No one could contain themselves in regards to dancing and they kept it up late into the night.

Stretch Armstrong

Carla Fernandez

Perla Bianca & Carla Fernandez

Daniella Diaz, Maria Avila, & Kelly Gray

Daniella Diaz, Maria Avila, Kelly Gray, & Annie Gustafsson

Carla Fernandez, Perla Bianca, & Gina G.

Gina G.

Brittany Lara & Antonio Martucci

Johnny The Boy & Antonio Martucci

Tina Faith, Antonio Martucci, & Marilia Merino

Marilia Merino & Christina Sutton

Mayen Gonzalez & Natacha Garbani

Karen Robledo & Nicole Thein

Karen Robledo

Daniella Diaz, Maria Avila, Burton Wilkins, Annie Gustafsson, & Kelly Gray

Gill Mils & Jessica Lader

Gina G. & Perla Bianca

Johnny The Boy & Stretch Armstrong

Ashley Pouya & Franchesca Izquierdo

Brittany Lara & Johnny The Boy

Oscar International & Ana Isabel Alvarado

Michael Capponi, Antonio Misuraca, & Navin Chatani

Stretch Armstrong

Sophia Leavell, Jessica Lader, & Gill Mils

Marissa McKenna & Alexandra Victoria

Stretch Armstrong