Miami Beach, FL – June 15, 2012 – Word about Haven Lounge is starting to spread because any night of the week there is sure to be a good time. This past Friday, birthday celebrations took over Haven and the party was full of happy birthday spirit.

Todd Erickson

Jessica Srebnick

Jessica & Scott Srebnick

Alison Sudfeld

Tatiana Mayor

Genna Revitz, Sharon Srebnick, Brittany Revitz, & Rochelle Finvarb

Heather Monahan

Todd Erickson

Jessica Srebnick

Alison Sudfeld, Ben Arndt, & Yasmin Ali

Alison Sudfeld & Yasmin Ali

Dina Bryndina & Jennifer Costa

Lissep Lau & Charlie Berg

Sharon Srebnick & Jessica Srebnick

Ryan Rosenberg, Lisa Gaylord, & Cobi Karp

Stephanie Sayfie & Morten Aagaard

Jessica Srebnick & Sonya Gelb

Scott Srebnick, Jessica Srebnick, Sharon Srebnick, & Howard Srebnick

Jessica Srebnick