Dirty South

Miami Beach, FL – June 13, 2012 – Wednesday night got wild and weird with Dirty South at LIV satisfying the musical cravings of all in attendance. The summer parties keep getting better and better at LIV and with DJs like Dirty South it’s no shock that the nights are destined to be perfect.

Dirty South

Dirty South

R3hab, Dirty South, & Quintino

Dirty South & Afrojack

David Grutman & R3hab

Angelique Miller


Dirty South & R3hab

Dirty South & R3hab

Dirty South

Meredith Root

Angelica Martinez, Daniela Mencos, & Monique Lara

Liz Cifuentes & Pelinsu Mese

Manuela Escallon

Rachel Romero

Liz Cifuentes & Pelinsu Mese

Angelica Martinez, Monique Lara, & Carolina Richardson

Kelly Gray

James Fowell

James Fowell, Dirty South, Biz Martinez, & Purple

Dirty South

Dirty South

Meredith Root & Michael Eder

Richard Delgado

Sunny Middleton

Stephanie Roy & Jordanna

Tyler Loy & Jon Oberti

Quintino & Rascal

Chris Jones & Moe Garcia

Burton Wilkins & Daniela Montoya

Gaudi Castro

Vanessa Diminich

Maria Avila, Ryan Troy, & Su Unlu

Karen Robledo & Lauren Kurtz

Maria Avila, Zoe Rene, & Su Unlu

Natalie Fabian & Monique Esposito

Gaudi Castro, Tyler Loy, Vanessa Diminich, Jon Oberti, & Sunny Middleton

Dirty South

Dirty South

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