Lil’ Jon & Calvin Harris

Miami Beach, FL – June 7, 2012 – All of Miami showed up to LIV Thursday night to see and hear Calvin Harris. His popularity has skyrocketed and it was clear that everyone was more than excited for his performance. Lil’ Jon also came out to be a part of the entertainment of the night.

Braylon Edwards & Lil’ Jon

Braylon Edwards

Chuck & Heidi Liddell

Lil’ Jon

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Caitlin Nordstrom

Chelsea Olson

Daniela Mencos

Jessica Wyatt & Brittany Sue

Lil’ Jon

David Grutman & Lil’ Jon

Lil’ Jon, Chelsea Olson, & Max Baum

Debbie Sagot

Calvin Harris

Tiff Zaytsev & Kelly Alvarez

Angela Tegnelia, Joanna Cotter, & Su Unlu

Lillian Gomes & Elizabeth Castillia

Matt Root, Jon Oberti, Jimmy Greenup, & Tyler Loy

Tiff Zaytsev

Tyler Friedman, Alyssa Fassler, & Daniela Delfino

Elly Wingard & Veronica Simmons

Mednas & Moe Garcia

Lil’ Jon & Tiago Fernandes

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Jessica Wyatt & Brittany Sue

Biz Martinez & Chelsea Olson

Calvin Harris

  • Frank

    Love the photos!

    On the intro paragraph:
    It’s supposed to say “Thursday” not “Wednesday”

  • Ria

    Calvin Harris is blonde! Calvin Harris looks much better as a blonde than as a brunette. Blonde hair looks much more natural on Calvin Harris than dark hair because he has blonde eyebrows and facial hair. Calvin Harris’ eyebrows and facial hair are way too light for his dark hair. Calvin Harris is a natural blonde.