Jessica Hall, Kendra Wilkinson, & Bethany Coffee

Miami Beach, FL – May 12, 2012 – Saturday, Ricky’s Brunch at Shelborne South Beach welcomed special guest Kendra Wilkinson and her friends Jessica Hall and Bethany Coffee. Brunch this week featured our favorite sushi rolls from Bar Tanaka and guests sipped Moet Imperial and Belvedere cocktails until the sun went down.

Jessica Hall, Kendra Wilkinson, & Bethany Coffee

Kendra Wilkinson & Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall & Kendra Wilkinson

Jessica Hall, Kendra Wilkinson, & Stacey Galbut


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  • Didn’t we hear something about the Related Group trying similar BS recently? I think it involved buyers that chose to walk away from their deposit, but that’s still a bunch of BS, if you ask me.