Miami Beach, FL – May 22, 2012 – Everyone came out to pay their final respects to Louis Tuesday night, as it was the club’s closing party. DJ Irie, DJ Konflikt, and Damaged Goods were just a few of the devoted Louis attendees that came out to say goodbye.

Hassan Benjelloun & Dr. Farcy

Chrispy Alexander & Hassan Benjelloun

Hassan Benjelloun & Frenchy


DJ Paul Arthur, DJ Anthony Pisano, & DJ Frank Flux

DJ Konlfikt

DJ Irie & DJ Konlikt

Damaged Goods & Dana Dwyer

Jason Odio

Nelson Giacometto, Joshua Phillips, Israel Cancel, & Jeremy Spund

Nikki Hirtle & Jeremy Spund

Paul Arthur & Jeremy Spund

Scott Ferrins

Dominique Provenghi, Sean Ospina, & Nikki Hirtle

Dominique Provenghi & Nikki Hirtle

Cheryl Hohweiler

Hassan Benjelloun

DJ Damaged Goods

Sean Ospina & Dominique Provenghi

DJ Konflikt