Miami, FL – April 14, 2012 – This past Saturday Oh Really?! Music hosted their first installment of The Art Walk Concert Series in Wywood. This concert series will happen every Art Walk (second Saturday each month and is set in an incredible new outdoor studio designed by the team over at Maps. The series was filled with live art installations by some of the most sought after local and national artists including Jona Cerwinske and Jason Boogie (VJ AV8).

The main focus of the Oh Really?! Art Walk Concert Series is to introduce our community to new homegrown talent and this event they hosted Miami’s own Krisp. Jack Daniels sponsored the event with complimentary drinks all night for all in attendance.

David Sinopoli, Paulie Lardi, Jeffrey Bonfido, & Jason Odio

Paulie Lardi & Jason Odio

Paulie Lardi & Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske

Jona Cerwinske

Square 2

Paloma de Mazieres & Danielle Yaniz

Sophia Bernstein & Emily Orschan

Anddra Diaz, Alexandra Delgado, & Jilian Sanz

Chris Jones, Jason Odio, & ILLA

David Sinopli & Jason Odio

Jason  Odio & Max Baum

Chido Lopez & Charlie Woods

Alexandra Limia, Maria Tamayo, Paloma de Mazieres & Danielle Yaniz

Tyler Anderson, Ashley Berg, David Resnick, Anya de Frias, & Max Baum

Jason Odio, Phil Rodriguez, & David Sinopoli

Goda Karosaite, Itziar Diez-Canedo, & Fernanda Estevez

Juan Perez & Christyne de Quesada

Gerogina De Almagro & Jason Odio

Desiree Notario & Amber Penny

Amber Knittel & Ashlee Harrison

Stephanie Perou & Natalie Varela

Marc Adam

Jeffrey Bonfido, Paulie Lardi, & Jona Cerwinske

Natalie Falf & Kristen Beliveau

Monique Landon, Justin Hodges, Jose de Almagro, Georgina de Almagro, Phil Rodriguez, Paul Lardi, Jason Odio, & Javier Odio