Miami Beach, FL – April 20, 2012 – There is something awe inspiring and magical about Luciano and his Cadenza Vagabundos World. This was exactly the feeling when walking into LIV on Friday Night, you could tell that the night was to be different right from the get go and it was. All the Vagabundos of Miami were called for assembly at The Fontainebleau as Luciano made it a night to remember. Luciano is not a commercial artist, his parties are unique and next level. When he played his Radiohead cover of “Creep” to say the crowd was absolutely electric would be an understatement. Luciano was voted the #1 Tech House DJ in the world for a reason and he truly drove us crazy. It was truly a pleasure to have the Vagabundos Party in Miami and we look forward to his return.



Erica Mitchell

Lindsay Lukkari & Heather LaRose

Lindsay Lukkari

Amanda Morales

Lauren Stoner

Ana Wolf

Chelsea Olson

Bailey Murray

Michelle de Cespedes & Stephanie Wahler

Chelsea Olson & Nathan Valentine

Ryan Troy

Matt Root & Bailey Murray

Ryan Troy & Matt Root

Tyler Loy

Emilo Guerra

Chelsea Olson




Erin Cummins

Ivana Botic

Courtney Williams

Ally Altman, Amanda Turner, & Ana Wolf

Meredith Root & Amanda Morales

Meredith Root & Tyler Loy

Matt Root

Bailey Murray, Don Callahan, Julie Davis, Jamil Array, & Sydney Boening

Matt Root, Nathan Valentine, & Ryan Troy

James Fowell & Ernesto Ferreyra

Navin Chatani & Dave Grutman

Jamil Array