Alyxandra Freud

Miami Beach, FL – April 21, 2012 – Saturday night at WALL at the W South Beach was enveloped in the music of David Jones. Jones brought house music tracks that set up the night for a wild ride. Alongside Jones was Chicco Secci, who is always a great addition to any night, especially at WALL.

Daniela Pasqualin

Su Unlu & Chelsea Flocker

Lee Joss

Chicco Secci

Chicco Secci & David Jones

Su Unlu

Chelsea Flocker, Lyla Davis, Kelly Gray, Su Unlu, & Michelle Chang

Kelsey Haney & Charlotte Zahringer

Paige Mast & Katie Johnson

Michelle Chang

Iris Garrido

Iris Garrido

Charlotte Zahringer

Antonio Martucci & Andrea Balov

Emily Prince Ralby & Adara Penascino

Kirsten Smith & Michelle Sanchez

Lyla Davis & Kelly Gray

Jessica Goswami & Jennifer Goswami

Kelsey Haney & Charlotte Zahringer

Ligia Rizzo & Daniela Pasqualin

John W.

Andrea B. & Nadya S.