Cris Cab & Pharrell Williams

Coral Gables, FL – April 17, 2012 – Tuesday night marked the triumphant relaunch of Body & Soul, the highly anticipated co-ed health and training facility in Coral Gables. New owners, Carolina and Alex Pirez hosted the event which drew such notable names as Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D bandmate Shae Haley, Jorge Posada of the NY Yankees, Santana Moss wide receiver for the Washington Redskins and Oscar Feldenkreis, President and COO of Perry Ellis International. Over 500 guests danced the night away to a live DJ set by Miami’s spin master DJ Ross One. Voli light cocktails supplied the drinks and the delicious passed hors d’oeuvres were on behalf of The Dome Restaurant and Caviar Bar. There were also plenty of unexpected surprises including a fire dancer and a flash mob choreographed by one of Body & Soul’s most popular instructors, Jay Marcos.

Pharrell Williams & Alex Pirez

Rene Garcia, Pharell Williams, Carolina & Alex Pirez

Ross One

Jackie Garcia, Rene Garcia, & Carolina Pirez

Cristy Villoldo, Mirtha Garcia, & Valerie Greco

Nicole Corona, Ramone Corona, & Melissa Chantres

Oscar Feldenkreis & Alex Pirez

Oscar Feldenkreis & Rene Garcia

Carolina & Alex Pirez

Rene Garcia, Carolina & Alex Pirez

Carolina Pirez

Pharrell Williams

Liana Rodriguez, Alex Pirez, & Maile Gamez

Gui Socarras & Ed Downs

Karla & Lizzy Dascal

Big Ben & Liana Rodriguez

Lorelle Kahn & Maile Gamez

Lidia Pefaur & Mari Andreu

Carolina Pirez & Nea Rodriguez

Elisa Ortiz & Fresh Francois

Daryl Kutner & Michelle Dieguez

Johnny Rhodes & Latonya Dabis

Ross One

Barbara & Ian McKeown

Elaine Spottswood, Rob Severiano, & Mari Andreu

Gloria Santos, Cristy Gorrt, Jennifer Cervera, & Yvette Rivero

Perse Vordokas, Nikki Nasher, & Leyla Torre

Ronnie Moro & Michelle Mattei

Sarah Murray & Michele de Maria

Sylvia Kruger & Valentina Salas

Yameley Arty, Eli Cabrerizo, & Vivian Cabreirizo