Miami Beach, FL – April 13, 2012 – Friday night DJ Sandman performed an awesome and energetic set of open format style music to a hot and fun crowd of Miami party goers at the new Miami hotspot Bamboo. With lights shining, the Bamboo dancers performed a new dance number that kept the crowd captivated and the fun levels high.

Nikki Sheets

Nikki Sheets, Stefanie McQueen, & Jackie Rene

Lissette Laverde & Ana Cristina Marino

Nadine Bechnagel, Julia Winkler, & Lilli Marker

Angela Rincon

Ana Carolina Grajales

Stefanie McQueen

DJ Sandman

Michelle Amador

Nadine Bechnagel

Ana Lorena Sanchez, Angela Rincon, Josune Mondragon, Ana Carolina Grajales, & Michelle Amador