Norma Quintero & Tara Solomon

Miami Beach, FL – February 28, 2012 – The Vizcayans, along with Champagne Lanson, hosted the Fourth Annual Vizcaya Preservation Luncheon at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Lanson Champagne is a Champagne house originally founded in 1760 and located in Reims. Champagne Lanson served its premier Special Edition Rose Brut in the signature pink bottle. Fondly referred to as the “hat luncheon”, this year’s event emulated the traditional chic daytime events that were customarily held in the formal Italianate gardens during Vizcaya’s early years as a public museum. Women dressed elegantly; seas of glamorous and fanciful hats and gentlemen were welcomed to attend in sub-tropical dapper dress including hats.

Max Blumberg, Carole Bouquet, & Leslie Bowe

Amanda Rodriguez, Norma Quintero, Jean Marie Echemendia, & Melba Grullon

Laurence Stott, Lydia Touzet, & Tina Carlo

Laurence Stott & Lydia Touzet

Lisa Pliner & Beth Tasca

Paulino Casanova, Abigail D’Souva, Cat Fidani, Taylor Olson, & Leslie Bowe

Christine Martin

Criselda Breene

Criselda Breene, Tina Carlo, & Lisa Casanova

Michelle Benesch, Criselda Breene, & Lisa Casanova

Beth Tasca, Lisa Pliner, Lydia Touzet, Laurence Stott,  & Yolanda Berkowitz

Daniela Swaebe & Heidi Heinau

Katharine Rubino

Leslie Bowe & Norma Quintero

Eugenia Legorbruro, Alina Gallart, Melba Grullon, & Amanda Rodriguez

Jean Marie Echemendia

Heidi Heinau, Katharine Rubino, Criselda Breene, & Dana Shear

Leo Casino

Yolanda Berkowitz & Tara Solomn

Irene Pariserband, Leslie Bowe, & Katharine Rubino

Irene Pariserband & Katharine Rubino

Moj Danial & Lori Jennings

Kip Forbes

Stephanie Sayfie

Alex & Alberto Tamargo

Irene Kroge, Eronwyn Miller, Nicole Lozaro, & Michelle Adler

Heidi Heinau & Daniella Swaebe

Criselda Breene & Jean Marie Echemendia

Lori Jennings

Tara Solomon

Nicole Lozano & Tara Solomon

Katharine Rubino & Lori Jennings

Melba Grullon & Amanda Rodriguez

Norma Quintero & Tina Carlo

Leslie Bowe

Carole Bouquet

Leslie Bowe

Leslie Bowe & Tara Solomon

Annie Vazquez & Allison Weissbrady

Sergio Alsina & Albert Tomargo

Alex Tamargo

Seth, Sergio Alsina, Albert Tomargo, & Orlando Garcia