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Miami Beach, FL – December 3, 2011 – VOGUE Magazine hosted the annual “Evening in Vogue” event at the picturesque Miami estate of Loren and JR Ridinger on Saturday. Loren Ridinger and Jeffrey Kalinsky hosted over 300 guests in the lavish pool garden on the Ridinger property. Special guests Angela and Vittorio Missoni celebrated Missoni’s Summer 2012 Collection presented by Nordstrom.

The exclusive preview was showcased in a 36-look fashion show poolside with live DJ Frank Delour. Special guests enjoyed VIP car service, courtesy of Lexus. Cocktails compliments of Grey Goose. Now in its fifth year, Evenings in Vogue continues to offer an exclusive look at fashion and beauty for a dazzling crowd of VIP guests and tastemakers.

Loren Ridinger, JR Ridinger, & LaLa Vasquez

Loren Ridinger, Irv Gotti, Gabrielle Union, & JR Ridinger

Rocsi Diaz, Gabrielle Union & LaLa Vasquez

Rocsi Diaz, Gabrielle Union, & LaLa Vasquez

Anne Vincent & Cheryl Stephenson

Jim Ferraro & Antonio Misuraca

Michael Dreiling, Andrew & Natalia Weissman, & Thomas Kramer

Thomas Kramer & Peter Tunney

Allison Zhuk, Melis Budin, & Renee Ganz

Tommy Pooch & Peter Tunney

Michelle & Tommy Pooch

LaLa Vasquez

Elsa Benitez, Loren Ridinger, & LaLa Vasquez

LaLa Vasquez & Melanie Fiona

Gil & Lorena Dezer & Michael Simkins

Gil & Lorena Dezer, Nikki & Michael Simkins

Elsa Benitez

Irv Gotti, LaLa Vasquez, Loren Ridinger, JR Ridinger, Kamal Hotchandani, Joe Francis, Lea Black, & Antonio Misuraca

Joe Francis, Lea Black, & Antonio Misuraca

Irv Gotti & LaLa Vasquez

Lorena Dezer, Allison Zhuk, & Michelle Pooch

Irv Gotti & Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union, LaLa Vasquez, & Loren Ridinger

JR Ridinger & Shareef Malnik

Shareef Malnik & Gabrielle Anwar

Elsa Benitez

Marc Ashley & Andrew Weissman

Loren Ridinger & Diane Lieberman

Models weaing Missoni

Angela Missoni & Peter Tunney

Angela Missoni

Angela Missoni models weaing Missoni

Thomas Kramer

Andre Balasz

Michael Dreiling & Alan Lieberman

Adrienne Bosh & Chris Bosh

Loren Ridinger & Andre Balazs

Johan Lindeberg

Ana Cristina

Alan Lieberman, Tara Solomon, Diane Lieberman, & Nick D’Annunzio

ELEW & Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman & Emily Smith

Andre Balazs & Emily Smith

Cesar Conde

LaLa Vasquez, Lennox Lewis, Loren Ridinger, & JR Ridinger

LaLa Vasquez & Lennox Lewis

LaLa Vasquez

LaLa Vasquez & Gabrielle Anwar

Shareef Malnik & Andre Balasz

Evan Yurman

Lennox Lewis, Gabrielle Anwar, & Shareef Malnik

ELEW, Elsa Benitez, Tracy Mourning, Loren Ridinger, & LaLa Vasquez

ELEW & LaLa Vasquez

ELEW, Elsa Benitez, & LaLa Vasquez

Tracy Mourning & LaLa Vasquez