Seth Browarnik & Gabrielle Union

Miami Beach, FL – November 30, 2011 – On Wednesday, November 30th, Jason Binn and his wife Haley toasted the unveiling of my first-ever exhibit, Art of Night, with an intimate dinner at the Shelborne South Beach’s Vesper American Brasserie, sponsored by Dom Perignon.

Gabrielle Union, Ivana Trump, Paul Shaffer, Roy and Leah Black, David Barton, Jill Martin, Jorge and Darlene Perez, Susanne Bartsch and Menin Hotels’ Keith Menin and Jared Galbut were all there to join in on the celebration.

Seth Browarnik, Gabrielle Union, & Russell Galbut

Lea Black & Seth Browarnik

Seth Browarnik & Ivana Trump

Paul Shaffer, Seth Browarnik, & Jason Binn

Seth Browarnik, Ivana Trump, Jason Binn, Roy Black, & Lea Black

Jason Binn, Seth Browarnik, Keith Menin, & Charles H. Townsend

Gabrielle Union & Ivana Trump

Charles H. Townsend & Seth Browarnik

Charles H. Townsend, Melissa Katz, Seth Browarnik, & Jason Binn

Jonathan Cheban, Ivana Trump, & Jason Binn

Jason Binn & Ivana Trump

Jason Binn, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, & Madeleine Arison

Jason Binn, Ivana Trump, Roy Black, & Lea Black

Ivana Trump, Charles H. Townsend, & Jill Roosa

Lea Black, Jill Martin, Lee Schrager, & Seth Browarnik

Lea Black, Roy Black, Jill Martin, & Lee Schrager

Barry Slotnick, Charles H. Townsend, & Jorge Perez

Jorge Perez, Charles H. Townsend, & Jason Binn

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, David Barton, Seth Browarnik, & Jason Binn

Ingrid Casares & Seth Browarnik

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson & David Barton

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Jill Martin

Jorge & Darlene Perez

Darlene Perez

Jill Martin, Charles H. Townsend, & Jason Binn

David Grutman, Seth Browarnik, & Ryan Schinman

Charles H. Townsend, Jason Binn, & Roy Black

Mario & Ramona Singer

Seth Browarnik & Gabrielle Union

Ric Pipino & Gabrielle Union

Jill Roosa, Charles H. Townsend, & Gabrielle Union

Lincoln O’Barry, Nathan Browning, Seth Browarnik, & David Simkins

Jonathan Cheban, Simon Huck, Jill Martin, & David Grutman

David Barton & Seth Browarnik

Glenn Albin, Seth Browarnik, & Eric Newill

Jason Binn & Madeleine Arison

Trent Fraser & Lincoln O’Barry

Jsmes Wark, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, & Seth Browarnik

David Barton & Paul Shaffer

Paul Shaffer, Jason Binn, & Ivana Trump

Aaron Resnick, Angela Santamaria, & Joshua Phillips

Lee Schrager, Charles H. Townsend, & Jason Binn

Jason Binn, Jonathan Binstock, Lee Schrager, Jill Roosa, & Charles H. Townsend

Donna Slotnick, Barry Slotnick, Jill Martin, & Jason Binn

Jason Binn & Jonathan Cheban

Jonathan Binstock, Jill Martin, Charles H. Townsend, Jason Binn, & Jonathan Cheban

Seth Browarnik & Keith Menin

Simon Huck, Catherine, Jonathan Cheban, Ivana Trump, & Jason Binn

Russell Galbut, Alan & Diane Lieberman

Gabrielle Union

Jill Roosa, Charles H. Townsend, & Gabrielle Union

Jason Binn & Seth Browarnik

Jason Binn

Seth Browarnik

Gabrielle Union, Ivana Trump, & Barry Slotnick

Manny Hernandez & Seth Browarnik

Jason Binn, Haley Binn, & Jonathan Binstock

Seth Browarnik & Paul Shaffer

David Barton & Paul Shaffer

Jason Binn, Paul Shaffer, Darlene & Jorge Perez

Roy Black, Paul Shaffer, & Jason Binn

Paul Shaffer, Jason Binn, & Ivana Trump

Jonathan Cheban, Gabrielle Union, & Seth Browarnik

David Barton & Seth Browarnik

David Grutman & Seth Browarnik

Seth Browarnik & Lee Schrager