Fabolous & Stevie J

Miami Beach, FL – October 12, 2011 – Moet bottle in hand, Fabolous took to the stage and killed the whole room at LIV with his chart topping hits. Fabolous delivered a great performance that gave the crowd a reason to celebrate with over 60 bottles of champagne delivered to the VIP table alone.


Ked, Fabolous, & Stevie J

Jessica Who, Ruckus, & DJ Ross One

Jessica Who

Ross One


Fabolous, Ross One, & Stevie J

Julieanna Goddard & Jessie Kirch

Laura de Pazos, Natalie Rivero, & Rebecca Dominguez

Paris & Katy Teper

Pilar Sroka & Jessica Smith


Biz Martinez, Rafael Deonate, Aramis Lorie, & Andrews Lorenzana

Ross One


Fabolous & Ross One

Julija Jordanova & Ramona Rhyner

Vivi Nunez, Maria Marcano, & Mariana Venturini

Ruckus & Nikki Nasher

Stevie J