Bob Sinclar

Miami Beach, FL – October 20, 2011 – Co-owners Andre Boudou, Gregory Boudou, Bob Sinclar and Pierre Denain are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated reopening of world-renowned nightclub, Amnesia Miami.  Amnesia Miami hosted a special private opening for VIP guests Thursday night with Bob Sinclar performing a special opening set and a crowd ready to put a face to all of the buzz.

The all-new Amnesia Miami takes over 29,000 square feet of multi-level internal space. The venue’s all-white interior exudes an avant-garde dimension of technology never seen before. The club boasts over 150 intelligent lighting fixtures, a custom-built Funktion One sound system, and five grand format LED screens with programmable moving capabilities, all which trigger the ambience for the main stage. The spacious dance floor is surrounded by 70 VIP tables, 2 private VIP sections, and a 2nd floor mezzanine, with direct views of the club’s guest DJs and performing artists.  When the featured talent is not gracing Amnesia’s main stage, they can opt to relax in the Pre-Show Lounge or record tunes in the fully functional custom-designed recording studio. The combination of Bob Sinclar’s influence and this one of a kind musician’s haven, Amnesia Miami will lend itself to be the playground for the world’s most highly recognized celebrities and music artists.

Bob Sinclar, Andre Boudou, & Gregory Boudou

Laurent Bourgade

Bob Sinclar, Andre Boudou, & Gregory Boudou, & Pierre Denain

Bob Sinclar

Jevon Walker, Myles Chefetz, & Darren Sharper

Michael Malone & Paulo Cardoso

Marysol Patton, Philippe Pautesta, & Julie Fogel

Martina Borgomanero & Fabian Basabe

Frederic Marq & Adriana De Moura

Fabian Basabe

Michael Malone & Bob Sinclar

Olivia Ormos, Michael Malone, Gregory Boudou, Bob Sinclar, & Gioia Jansen

Lincoln O’Barry, Robert Curran, Kristina & Chase Kuljinder

Gemsy Quellic

Jane Castro

Bob Sinclar

Bob Sinclar

Bob Sinclar

Matt Werner, Gioia Jansen, & Michael Malone

Mike Blandino, Rita Dargham, Brian Elias, & Julieta Velez

Myles Chefetz

Bob Sinclar