Garrett O’rourke, Jay-me Bailey, Jordan Muns, Ben Mucci, Christine Limpabandh, Loren Yacovone, Michelle Guerrera & Matt Spokony

Fort Lauderdale, FL – June 12, 2011 – Gerber Group is ready to splash into summer with Sublime Sundays, their  all-new pool party at WET Deck at the W Fort Lauderdale.   Wet transformed into an upscale soiree featuring  flavorful Rose from Domaines Ott. Sublime Sundays features great music, beautiful people and sexy and sophisticated  vibe unparalleled  to anyone else in Fort Lauderdale.

Angie Papanikolas & Shawn Hardman

Audrina Armani & Tiffany Hakim

Brooke Ball & Chelsea Schulman

Melissa Cassidy, Jimmie Jelderhouse, Crystal Brenn, Kaitlyn Sheddy, Maria Caceres, Gina Beekwith, Andrew Beckwith, & Kayla Murk

Sara Danesh, Sarah Rez, Para Afsh, & Angie Naieni

DJ Danny Stern

Garrett O’rourke, Christine Limpabandh, Jordan Muns, Michelle Guerrera, & Loren Yacovone

Gina Beekwith & Crystal Brenn

Michelle Guerrera, Christine Limpabandh, & Loren Yacovone

Michelle Guerrera, Christine Limpabandh, Matt Spokony, Jordan Muns, Garrett O’rourke, Ben Mucci, & Jay-me Bailey

Michelle Guerrera, Jordan Muns, Garrett O’rourke, & Christine Limpabandh

Jay-me Bailey & Garrett O’Rourke

Kaitlyn Sheddy & Melissa Cassidy

Elissa Kapneck, Brooke Ball, Arnit Kobryniec, Brooke Goldberg, & Alexis Quittner

Maria Caceres & Kayla Murk

Kayla Murk, Gina Beekwith, Kaitlyn Sheddy, Crystal Brenn, Melissa Cassidy, & Maria Caceres

Julie Rothenberg, Julie Axelrod, & Alexis Quittner

Samantha & Lauren Book

Sara Danesh & Pedro Infante

Matt Spokony, Nour Biter, Marlee Lake, & Brandon Schuermann

Tom Zawislan & Kaitlyn Sheddy