President Joseph Michel Martelly

Miami Beach, FL – Michael Capponi along with Consul General Ralph Latortue hosted the first official US visit of Joseph Michel Martelly, President of the Republic of Haiti. The event took place at Soho Beach House and was presented by Haiti Invest Team and The President announced the launch of his new Haiti Means Business campaign, where Commisioner Jerry Libbin, Michael Capponi and other leaders of the community stated how important of a time it was to now invest in the new Haiti. The initiative is meant to create hundreds of thousands of jobs which are much needed in Haiti right now. Libations were on hand provided by Bacardi.

Michael Capponi & President Joseph Michel Martelly

President Joseph Michel Martelly

Senator Zenny, Michael Capponi, & President Joseph Michel Martelly

Senator Zenny, Michael Capponi, & President Joseph Michel Martelly

Michael Capponi, President Joseph Michel Martelly, & Senator Zenny

  • Maggie Bellabe

    Thank You Michael, it was a wonderful night.

  • An unforgettable event! Breathtaking setting…It was a pleasure to meet you! We thank you Mr. Caponni for hosting our President at the beautiful Soho Beach House.

  • It was with interest and pride that I attended the June 27, 2011 Haiti and Diaspora relationship building event in New York. This is the first time in our recent history that, as a member of the general public, I was invited to contribute to thoughts and ideas to improve the conditions in our beloved country. It is important that the voice of the diaspora is heard. Our brothers and sisters from abroad offer a tremendous source of experience and knowledge gained from working in developed nations. I was encouraged to see your commitment to positive interaction and collaboration with the Diaspora, as you announced the creation of a position that focuses solely on this initiative . The appointment of Bernice Fidelia is evidence that you are serious about engaging with the Diaspora. There is much work to be done . As a member of the diaspora, I will continue to support such initiatives to rebuild our beloved Haiti.

  • The luncheon event in New York on June 26 was a great success. Congratulations on your presidency. Your first visit to New York as the President of Haiti already shows your vision and your commitment to rebuild our beloved country. Your first initiative to involve the Diaspora by appointing Bernice Fidelia as the liaison between Haiti and the Diaspora already shows sign of success.
    President Martelly thank you for caring for our people, our country. I wish you and your team continued success in this most important endeavor.

  • Stephannie Chavannes

    Thank you Mr Capponi for taking part on our president first visit to Miami.Great initiative Bernice Fidelia! at the end of the day both Miami amd New yorK events were a success. We the diaspora are looking forward to work with you in taking part of rebuilding Haiti .