Brian Cardinal, Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, & Jason Terry

Miami Beach, FL – June 13, 2011 – Just when I thought my night was over, at 1:24am my phone starts blowing up…”Mavs here now with trophy and Mark Cuban”.  As I walk through the tunnel  of the Fontainebleau to LIV, I run into Dirk NowitzkiMark Cuban with the NBA 2011 Championship Trophy. The whole team is behind the DJ booth waiting to surprise the crowd. BirdmanTrey Songz, & Vivica A. Fox all in attendance to witness this once in a lifetime experience with a surprise performance by Lil Wayne. it totally sucked that the Heat lost, but what a night this turned out to be !!!

Mark Cuban, Tiffany Stewart, Dirk Nowitzki, & Brian Cardinal

Brian Cardinal, Dirk Nowitzki, & Mark Cuban

Brian Cardinal, Dirk Nowitzki, & Mark Cuban

Lil’ Wayne & Dirk Nowitzki

Lil Twist, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, & Dirk Nowitzki

Jason Terry, Dirk Nowitzki, & Brian Cardinal

Brian Cardinal, Mark Cuban, Dirk Nowitzki, & Jason Terry

Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban & Daymond John

Dirk Nowitzki & Trey Songz

Dirk Nowitzki & Brian Cardinal

Trey Songz, Dirk Nowitzki, & Brian Cardinal

Dirk Nowitzki & Brian Cardinal

Trey Songz, Dirk Nowitzki, & Brian Cardinal

Oscar “Slim” White  & Vivica A. Fox

Birdman, Mack Maine, & Lil’ Wayne

David Grutman & Ross One

Stevie J & Lil’ Wayne

Stevie J, David Grutman, Mack Maine, & Lil Wayne

Stevie J & Lil’ Wayne

Shawn Marion

Brian Cardinal

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki & Brian Cardinal

Mark Cuban & Tiffany Stewart

Mark Cuban, Tiffany Stewart, Dirk Nowitzki, & Brian Cardinal

Purple, Brian Cardinal, Dirk Nowitzki, & Mark Cuban



  • lolMIAMIlol

    hey LBJ (aka DIRKSUCKS) why so mad?
    When you are 32 you may got a ring, your first ring, too.
    With the Bucks! ^^

  • @Dirksucks: yours is the perfect and expeted comment..i know you speak for all haters out there. In the words of Chris Brown, I don’t know how you can hate from outside of the club…you can’t even get in!!!

    Get a life, cuz my Mavs got the CHAMPIONSHIP!!

  • HeatFan

    Thats just disrespectful! Go home with the trophy and Celebrate!

  • Dirk Sucks sucks



  • I love how Lil Wayne rolls up with his LA hat on after his Lakers get swept by the Mavericks.

    Dude just finds the party and makes it that much more hype!

    Are there any videos or freestyles from Wayne that night?

  • TheGuyAboveMeISaCornholer

    Get Dirk’s cock out your mouth, your choking on his sperm. RECOGNIZE THE WORLD CHAMPION DALLAS MAVERICKS!!!

  • HesJustMad

    Hahaa he sucks cause he’s a first ballet hall of famer with a ring. Go cry with bosh bitch..

  • DIrk WINS

    Dirksucks, you can shove it up yo ass! MAVS WIN B I T C H E S

  • Hey Guy Above Me

    Go back to sucking Lebron’s dick. Jealous much?

  • Cathy Johnson

    Get over it LeBron.

  • awesome photographs. great work.

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  • Pathetic Mavs Fans

    Lemme start this out by saying that i watch almost every basketball game that is played in the NBA, and one of the reasons that Dirk is considered so great is because of how humble he is. He was crying after the championship aswell, because he was overcome with emotions. And i do not blame him for that. I blame all you pathetic little mavs fans for writing pathetic hate comments after winning. You should be fucking happy and stop taking shots at Miami fans for something that LEBRON DID. MIAMI FANS CANNOT CONTROL WHAT LEBRON JAMES DID. When will you stupid fucking fat texan pieces of shit learn this simple fucking fact. I hope theres another OKC style bombing in Dallas.

  • A


  • coolhand

    didn’t Birdman bet $2 million that the heat would win?

  • OKC Native & Mavs fan

    Hey “pathetic Mavs fan”
    I happen to be from OKC and also happen to love my Mavericks. I hope that dragging in the memories of 168 innocent people (including 19 children) who were victims of terrorism makes you feel better about yourself. Nice to see such a “classy” person like yourself making comments about others having a lack of class. I have come to expect anonymous bloggers and commenters to spew venom and write ridiculously obscene rants to posters but you will probably go down as one of the worst. Good luck with life, you’re going to need it.

  • @OKC Native & Mavs fan
    Man i like how u came at that idiot smh dont make sense for someone to say somethin that dumb

  • i Love iT… So Glad Miami Got Served In There Own House * Just Couldn’t Take The HEAT i See Lol .! Congrats They Should Have Shut Miami Down That Night

  • dee

    lol….Dirk n damn near all the pic’s…thts wat im talking about Dirk get juiced the fucked up n wwild out

  • Texas Fan

    Take the trophy home to celebrate? You think the Heat didn’t celebrate in Dallas in ’06? It’s not disrespectful, it’s what you do. You win a championship, you go celebrate- THAT NIGHT.

    Shouldn’t be crying anyway, LeBron n Co. will start raking in rings real soon. Just not this year!

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  • disco dirk

    brian cardinal didn’t even do shit and he’s still in every damn picture.

    the best part of that is cardinal, mahinmi and barea have more rings than miami heat’s “big 3”

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  • ImJustSaying

    Yeah, sooooo Trey Songz is the guy wearing the dark shades, NOT the guy with the nerdy glasses. #ijs

  • Disappointed

    Let me start by saying that I am not a Miami Heat fan, nor a Dallas Mavericks fan. I do live in Miami, but am a transplant from Los Angeles and have been living in Miami for the past 2 years. Would I have liked to see Miami win? Sure, but for no other reason than there would have been a fun parade and some interesting celebrations going on around town… That’s about it. (I’m also not a Lakers fan, just for the record)

    What happened at Liv on Sunday was obscene. I read a comment from someone on another site that said “had this been at the Hardrock I would not care, but not at Liv…”. I couldn’t agree more. Liv was Miami’s hottest nightclub of the moment; that goes without saying. There will be some bitter locals who complain about the $25 drink prices, and the stuck up girls; but frankly, the majority of those complainers are the ones who can’t actually make it through the door. Sounds elitist or cocky, sure… But at the end of the day; Liv is at the top of its game, and its a damn fun night at out.

    That being said… Liv had some responsibility that night – a responsibility to turn down the money, and have some respect for the city they reside in, as well as its citizens (their customers). In a city like New York – I can assure you the a team that had just taken down the Yankees or the Knicks would be shut out from all bars/clubs; but the hottest joint in town? They would laugh at the idea of a person showing up in a Dallas tee-shirt, let alone the team and it’s owner coming through door with the trophy in hand.

    The operators of Liv and the promoters who handle Liv on Sunday spit in the face of Miami last weekend. They allowed the team that silenced its city to dance on their stage and piss Dallas colored confetti all over the citizens of Miami for a quick buck. They will have rebuttals that include statements about being successful, and “getting that paper,” so on and so forth… But bottom line; where was their integrity on Sunday night? This just proved that there is no soul inside Liv… It’s all about a buck and its a great big machine. Yes, you are a business, we get that – nobody is asking for anything for free; but have some backbone.

    You can’t respect a place like this. Sorry, Liv – you surrendered your spot at the top last Sunday; and you aint gettin’ it back.

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  • Raptor

    AHAHAHAHAHAH MAVERICKS. miami is a joke, the only thing more embarrassing than their team is the bandwagon fans they got there. Game 1 playoffs against Philly half the arenas empty. Last years playoff series half the arenas empty. weak bandwagoners.

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  • Business Minded

    @Disappointed: You obviously do not own, nor understand how to operate, a business. In today’s economy (I’m not old, there’s just no better way of stating it) you have to take your money where you can get it. Places like Night Clubs are luxury items, and even in Miami they have felt the slow down of capital inflow – aka recession. When someone comes and offers you a huge sum of money to throw a lack luster party at your “awesome club,” you not only take the money, but you turn that into advertising as well: Thanks to the Dallas Mavericks, for all the money you donated to the People of Miami for all the super over priced drinks (and other such “services”) we served you.

    As far as not celebrating in Miami, apparently you Heat fans missed what happened in ’06… go do some research, and shut your mouths – hypocrites. There is no reason the Mavs didn’t have the right to celebrate, other than the fact of the envy you have for a bunch of old guys who took down your wee-three.

    Oh, we’re having a big ass parade in Dallas on Thursday throughout the city, so we’ll be sure to post pictures of that – so you know that we did, in fact, come home and celebrate in our own city.

    And, finally, to whoever that idiot was mentioned the OKC bombing in such a terrible manner. You, bless your heart, are a compete and utter dumbass. That’s worse than me wishing a hurricane would come through and kill all of your loved one’s. Which, clearly, you have none. I have been to Miami and know that not everyone down there is as ignorant and hatefull as you, but damn that looks bad on the city. Way to represent. As it was said before: good luck on life, you’re going to need it.

    Oh, and it’s about damn time, Mavericks.

    Bring the hate.


  • NotAhaTer

    Why doesn’t everyone shut the fuck up and let the Mavs enjoy their victory. Who fucking cares where they celebrated and how they celebrated. The Mavs swept the Lakers and flat out beat the so called “Dream Team” that Miami put together. As for the jackass that calls himself “pathetic mavs fans”. You’re just a bitch, comments like that should get your ass shipped to Afghanistan or Pakistan so you can live in a cave with the rest of the pussy terrorists. Atleast the Mavs are an American team, Miami is a filthy extension of Cuba. Fucking idiot! I would love to meet you face to face coward.

  • SaminFortWorth

    Should have turned down the money and shown respect? Lol. Like Lebron did in Cleveland? Hottest club in town…..This week. Next week, the cocaine and boob job crowd will be at the NEW hottest club in town. Hope the “beautiful people” enjoyed watching the mavs rub it in their face!

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  • fuck all of you fags

    hey guys, whats going on in here?

  • Disappointed

    @BusinessMinded… Your ignorance in this matter is astounding. I will chalk it up to the high probability that you are an accountant or something equally boring and mundane. Do some research of your own, my friend – Liv is one of the highest grossing nightclubs in America. They could have very easily had some pride and turned this down.

    Good advertising? Clearly sir, you are not in PR. This is TERRIBLE advertising for a club. Better advertising? A mention in page 6 the next morning about the clubs doorman turning away members of the Mavericks soon after they clinched a win in the finals. This is something the current operator of Liv could have had done with a snap of the fingers.

    Not going to be blatantly disrespectful to the city of Dallas, but I think this whole notion is a slightly out of your realm of understanding…

    Back to the point; Liv should of had a backbone. It’s an embarrassment.

  • Disappointed @

    Seriously? Really, Seriously?? Is that the best venue Miami has? HIGHLY disappointing if you asked me. Who cares about money when you’re rubbing shoulders with billionaires anyhoo. I’m surprised Mark Cuban didn’t buy out LIV and shut it down because it’s so damned weak. Dallas wanted to do it correct, however the city of Miami and club was so weak that they’ll have to do it again in a better city and club. Seriously?!!??!

  • why you mad tho


  • Confused

    I am so confused why all of you people are arguing over something you have no control over and why you have to create drama & stress in your lives over basketball

    GO MAVS!!!

  • This is what domination looks like. Black folks cheering for the accomplished objective of white supremacists (racists).

    Miami’s failed march to the NBA championship is not about basketball. It is about white people’s power to confine black males’ decisions to that of boys. James, Wade, and Bosh guys were not supposed to define their own roster. That is a decision that is supposed to be reserved to their white masters. White people do not want black basketball players to be anything more than dolphins balancing balls on their noses.

  • Business Minded 2


    You do not understand business. Clearly. Please, do your research. I don’t care about this club having backbone. No one is going to stop going to this club because the Mavs celebrated LIKE CHAMPIONS. People and citizens of Miami might have gotten pissed and left that night, sure. But not go back ever again if this club is as good as you say it is? Highly unlikely.

    Also, I don’t care if this club doesn’t have backbone. You didn’t answer to ANY of the guy (or girl) points that refuted you. Miami celebrated in Dallas in ’06. They did it big that night just like Dallas did in Miami. It’s sports.

    Now I’m from Chicago. When the Cubs lost to the Marlins in ’03 to go to the World Series, the Marlins celebrated like NL Champs all throughout the city that night. They hit the hottest joints in town. And guess what? Those places that “don’t have backbone” still have TONS of business.

    Also, the GREEN BAY FUCKING PACKERS won the NFC title in Chicago. They celebrated like kings that night also. A HEATED RIVAL also went to the hottest places in town. And guess what? THEY STILL HAVE BUSINESS.

    Clearly you do not have the SLIGHTEST CLUE of how the human condition works. Yes, they may be pissed off. Yes, they may not go back for a week, tops. But they’ll be back. In droves.

    Do your research.

    Go Mavs (until next year then its the Bulls).

    P.S. We still have the MVP.

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  • skrod

    So I woke up the next day in my dreary little life, just like LeBron said I would — AND WE STILL HAD AN NBA TITLE! Take That Wit Chu!!

  • Mas Fan

    LMAO! really?!? @disappointed GET OVER YOURSELF and dont let the fact that Miami celebrating the Mavs win ruin your day because tomorrow you’ll wake up with the same personal problems you had today…
    Speaking of advertising LIV could have always taken out an ad in the Miami Herald but Macy’s bought the last page.

  • Why so serious

    @Confused best comment on here

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  • Disappointed

    @Business You have once again missed the mark. My point was never to discuss the business tactic of increasing revenue at this establishment…

    This is first and foremost a nightlife photography website – if you’d like to discuss business or sports, please hop on over to Businessweek or ESPN.

    I don’t think you’re going to grasp what my point was here – but you can rest assured that there is a whole horde of nightlife oriented folks that most certainly do.

    Please run along and get back to doing someones taxes… Thanks.

  • Deric Fulbright

    I don’t understand the whole LIV situation. Do you really think that all of Miami is “upset” that the Mavs won and consequently that they partied in Miami? Did you not notice the large number of Mavs jerseys in the stands? As for the notion that the Mavs are “rubbing it in the Heat’s faces” by partying at LIV – slightly conceided on your part, don’t you think? The Mavs are simply celebrating their victory, and they went to the best club (should they have gone to Applebees or something?) I find it amusing that you think the Mavs are even thinking about the Heat. They also beat the Lakers; should they never go to LA again? How about OKC? Portland? But, I digress…you are upset at losing, which we were in 06 (when, btw, the Heat celebrated at the AAC with confetti, etc..), but to expect an establishment to turn down patrons because they are a rival team? Just silly….

  • Deric Fulbright

    And these were some GREAT pics (especially considering the lighting conditions) Great shots of the confetti…(this photographer did great work!)

  • danny

    Obviously the miami heat let the city of miami down. If they had won the series they could have prevented the mavs from celebrating on their court and in their town.

  • How’s my Dirk Taste?

    In summary:

    #Miami Ain’t Shit

    #Lebron Ain’t Shit

    #Club Liv Ain’t shit

    #not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 But ZERO, NILL, CYPHER Aka NONE

    #Mark Cuban is more balled then your whole city

    #Dirk is the MVP

    #Dallas Mavericks are Champions

    #Front-running Lil-Wayne dont even care about y’all or your team.

    #Pat Riley is a schmuck and a cheater

    #Las Vegas don’t know shit

    #Espn don’t know shit

    #Bet all the people in Miami who don’t give a shit about basketball (insnt that everyone?) were happy to party on Cuban’s dime.

    #Wade County ain’t nothing but the place that Lebron James was burried alive.


  • How’s my Dirk Taste?

    In summary:

    #Miami Ain’t Nothin

    #Lebron Ain’t Nothin

    #Club Liv Ain’t Nothin

    #not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 But ZERO, NILL, CYPHER Aka NONE

    #Mark Cuban is more baller then your whole city

    #Dirk is the MVP(he didnt need red help either)

    #Dallas Mavericks are the Champions and the Basketball Gods are loving it.

    #Front-running Lil-Wayne dont even care about y’all or your team.

    #Pat Riley is a schmuck and a cheater

    #Las Vegas don’t know crap

    #Espn don’t know crap

    #Bet all the people in Miami who careless about basketball (isnt that everyone?) were happy to party on Cuban’s dime.

    #Wade County ain’t nothing but the place that Lebron James was burried alive.


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  • Sweet Redemption

    I remember being hurt as a Mavericks fan when Miami won in 2006. It was painful but I got over it. I did not bad mouth the Heat. The won the Mavs did not but life went on. Now the shoe is on the other foot and now I can celebrate. Heat fans, this too shall pass. Don’t waste time hating for something which you have no control over. Just enjoy you Eastern Conference Champioship, appreciate the run your team had this year and hope for a better outcome next season, like losing in 7 instead of 6 to the Mavs.

    Go Mavs!

  • BeLikeDirk

    Come on. Everyone in this country is from somewhere else(like you said you are). We all cheer for the teams from the many areas we have lived in the past. One city does not own the team. People who live in the same town their whole life are closeminded anyway. So that is why it is completely acceptable for any establishment to open their doors to any team celebrating their victory. maybe the people of Miami should be honored that the MAVS wanted to celebrate in Miami at one of their venues. Cuban could have jetted them back to Dallas before midnight central time. Looks like they had an awesome time! This is what perpetuates competition and insures more great finals series in the future!


    First off I would expect much better looking women from the “hottest nightclub in Miami” , so I highly doubt that is the case for club Liv. Secondly, I would say any club would be thrilled to have Lil Wayne, and a handful of millionaires party it up in their establishment. Also, Mark Cuban spent over $110k that night, I’m sure they weren’t too upset about that.

  • Love JJ

    Ahhhhhh, the sweet hate comments of success and triumph…..

    Mavs fans, do not take any of these comments seriously, this is just proof that the Heat fans are still bleeding from the wounds and are still crying.

    Now they’re looking for any excuse to hate on the fact that the Mavs are the NBA Champions!

    Complaining that the Mavs are “disrespectful” for celebrating in MIA. – whatever. They’re even blaming Lebron!!! LOL!! Dudes the whole team sucks, they couldn’t handle the preassure! And shame on you for not sticking up to your team….

  • Hmmm

    It is actually quite funny reading some of these comments. Especially from this “disappointed” character. Seriously do you even read what you write absolutely some of the dumbest, ignorant, closed minded comments I have ever heard. Do you seriously think that a business owner whether being of a restraunt, night club or any other establishment is going to refuse business to someone from out of town or to somebody wearing a certain team logo and or a player them selves . Are you not all there? Seriously, might as well take us back to the pre martin luther king jr days and put up signs restricting business to certain people. First off illegal, and Let me tell you people like me didn’t serve this country to not keep it a FREE COUNTRY. So seriously why dont you think before you speak dip stick.

  • Hmmm

    Oh and dont hate on our mavs cause we should have won it in 06 for alot of different reasons but we didn’t and that’s ok cause payback is a bitch and we for sure deserved this one. What a long tough road for the mavs ending in “sweet vindication” GO MAVS

  • MFFL

    Attended the parade today in Dallas….EPIC!
    Take dat wit chu!

    @disappointed is a fuckin idiot
    Guy who mentioned another OKC attack should join Osama on the ocean floor
    LIV looks cool but definitely not the “top nightclub”…..before making a comment like that, take a look at the women in yalls club compared to a club in Dallas…..hell, you can even go to one of the biker bars here and find better lookin women!!!
    —–LeChoke on this!

    ——MAVS NATION!!! whoop whoop!!!!!——–

  • bmaze

    hey @DIRKSUCKS can you say HATER cuz thats all you r doing

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  • lol

    Have you slow Texan backward ass hicks from Dallas ever heard of a velvet rope?

    It’s designed to keep you slobs out.

    Clearly wasn’t functioning properly this night…

  • asianprincess

    Rather u are a Mavs fan or a Heat fan….grown up people and learn to be happy for others….why be such a sore losers and be so hateful? Mavs won…so it is what it is……except it!!! Seriously people…GROW-UP!!!

    Congrats to Mavs…n Congrats to Heat for playing a good game!!!

  • Visit for table reservations at LIV or Arkadia – P.S. Sunday night is not our night at LIV heat fans.

  • Nee-Nee

    Love the pics!!!! My Mavs looked like they had a great time. Good to see Dirk letting loose. His fiance is pretty. Dirk loves the sistas! I LOVE THAT MAN AND MY MAVS!!!!!!!!

  • katina

    I didn’t take time to read everyone’s comments ..::SHRUGS::
    ANYWAY, Dirk’s girlfriend is SOOOOOO cute! Nice Job…
    Glad to see SOMEBODY in the NBA still has a taste for BLACK women…. yeah, I said it…


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