DJ Irie

June 21, 2011 – Truly one of my oldest friends. DJ Irie is a Miami boy through and through. We went to the same high school (Palmetto), I saw him DJ college parties, and then on to his first gigs in the Grove. We’ve been doing this so long buddy … To see DJ Irie’s career take off is a testament to the real payoff seen only through hard work, dedication, and true passion. As a DJ on 99 JAMZ, Irie helped put the Miami hip hop scene on the map and brought the 305 notoriety world-wide. As the Miami Heat DJ, the crowd partied with you, the team rallied around you, and a city fell in love with you. Irie became a part of the city’s DNA and a true face of Miami. I’ve watched Irie DJ at international hot spots and events world wide. Whether it’s the MTV VMA’s, Sundance, All Star Weekend, or a hotel opening in San Juan, I’ve shot photos of Irie making the crowd go wild … He has a knack for making sure that everyone in the room is smiling and dancing. The Irie sneaker and headphone were soon launched, but it was obvious that Irie was one of the only people I TRULY know who wanted to use his fame and notoriety to help others… After the hugely successful creation of Irie Weekend and the Peace Through Music jewelry line, he has now launched the most impressive extension of the Irie brand to date – The Irie Foundation. I can’t wait to hit the golf course (and of course the parties) this weekend to help you raise money, have fun, and celebrate all for a good cause. And, Happy Birthday DJ IRIE … You are truly one of a kind and an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to call you a friend .

KristIn Cavallari, Haylie Duff, Ciara, DJ Irie, & Nick Cannon

Erykah Badu, DJ Irie, & Q-Tip

Rachel Ray & DJ Irie

DJ Irie, Will Ferrell, Diana, & Chris Jones

Paris Hilton & Dj Irie

DJ Irie

Micky Arison, DJ Irie, Robert Iler, & Nick Cannon

Nick & Micky Arison, DJ Irie, & Nick Cannon

Alonzo Mourning, Jerry Powers, Shaquille O’Neal, Shareef Malnik, Jason Binn, & DJ Irie

Rick Ross, DJ Irie, & Dwyane Wade

Mark Ronson, DJ Irie, & DJ AM

DJ Irie & Samantha Ronson

DJ Irie

DJ Irie & DJ Khaled

DJ Irie & LL Cool J

Al B Sylk, Lisa Erickson, Mark Strickland, & DJ Irie

Chris Lighty & DJ Irie

Christina Milian & DJ Irie

Clark Kent & DJ Irie

Cool & Dre, DJ Irie, & DJ Khaled

DJ Irie & Amy Zakarin

DJ Irie & David Grutman

DJ Irie & Kelly Rowland

DJ Irie & Kid Capri

DJ Irie & Patrick Ewing

Dj Irie & Charles Barkley

DJ Irie, Damon John, Star Jones, & Al Reynolds

DJ Irie & Dwyane Wade

DJ Irie, Kevin Federline, & Scooter Braun

DJ Irie, Randy Jackson, & Navin

DJ Irie

DJ Ruckus & DJ Irie

Fabolous, DJ Irie, & Chris Jones

Doug E. Fresh, Lil Jon, Kid Capri, & DJ Irie

Bill Spector, DJ Irie, Moe Garcia, & Justin Levine

DJ Irie, Busta Rhymes, Splif Star, & James Cruz

Ja Rule, DJ Irie, & Irv Gotti

Jamie Foxx & DJ Irie

Kelly Arison & DJ Irie

Kenny McAlister & DJ Irie

Kid Capri & DJ Irie

Ludacris & DJ Irie

Mike Tyson  & DJ Irie

Mr. Mauricio, Anthony Michael Hall, & DJ Irie

Pauly Shore & DJ Irie

Pete Rage & DJ Irie

Max Pierre, Roman Jones, DJ Khaled, & DJ Irie

Seth, DJ Irie, Navin, & Zack Bush

DJ Irie

DJ Irie & Seth

  • Dea Brechtel

    I have known Ian Since before his 8th Birthday I am so Proud of him! I am so amazed at everything he has accomplished!!!!! he is like family to me!