Ivette Naranjo & Nick D’Annunzio

Miami, FL – February 17, 2011 – Cafeina celebrated its one-year anniversary last night with a private soiree toasting the people who supported the Wynwood lounge since its opening. Vice Mayor Michael Gongora was on hand to present owner Ivette Naranjo with a proclamation in honor of her efforts to pioneer Wynwood’s “SoHo reincarnation.” DJs Ess & Emm, Erick Paredes, and Pirate Stereo laid down beats throughout the night, in addition to a live performance in the garden by roots band Agape featuring Nadia Harris.

Nick D’Annunzio, Rebecca Euceda, Ivette Naranjo, Michael Gongora, & Omar Dewindt

Ivette Naranjo & Michael Gongora

Kristina Lynch, Jackie Mailhe, & Jenn Sobel

Amanda Morales, Robyn Jenkins, & Carolina Tesillo

Zac Courtney & Dustin Heil

Angelo Grill & Jacqueline Deberry

Anthony Matonti & Robyn Jenkins

Omar Dewindt, Michael Gongora, & Mike Scull

Esperanza Godoy, Ivette Naranjo, Elizabeth Moscoso, & Rebecca Euceda

Michael Gongora & Nick D’Annunzio

Shannon Casey & Katie Laporta

Jenn Sobel, Alison Sudfeld, & Jimmi Kelderhouse