Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, & Emeril Lagasse

New York, NY – November 16, 2010 – Barneys New York’s tradition of unveiling their legendary holiday windows is anything but traditional with this year’s “Have a Foodie Holiday” theme. Taking inspiration from the extraordinary popularity of foodie culture and personalities, Barneys’ Creative Director Simon Doonan & Lee Schrager‘s South Beach Food Network Book Launch captured this phenomenon in pop culture with windowss coined: “The Bad Boys,” “The Gals,” “Revolutionary Stew” and “Miss Illy.” To toast this collaboration with Food Network, Cooking Channel and illycaffè, the country’s most acclaimed chefs came together on Madison Avenue.

Lee Schrager

Simon Doonan

Jamie Oliver & Mario Batali

Richard Jay-Alexander

Paula Deen & Simon Doonan

Michelle Bernstein

Jonathan Waxman

Jacque Torres

Simon Doonan & Bobby Flay

Daniel Boulud & Jamie Oliver

Daniel Boulud, Simon Doonan, Mario Batali, & Lee Schrager

Mario Batali

Art Smith

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, Lee Schrager, Simon Doonan, Mario Batali, & Brooke Johnson

Masaharu Morimoto

Gail Simmons, Daniel Boulud, Dana Cowin

Anne Burrell & Masaharu Morimoto

Anne Thornton, Donatella Arpaia, & Bobby Flay

Mario Batali & Anthony Bourdain

Bobby Flay & Paula Deen

Bobby Flay & Emeril Lagasse

Fern Mallis & Lisa Silhanek

Emeril Lagasse & Mario Batali

Lizzy Rudnick, Jonathan Tisch, Dori Cooperman, & Jason Pomeranc

Bobby Flay & Anthony Bourdain

Jonathon Eisman, Alan Roth, Seth Unger, & David Simkins

Lee Schrager with South Beach Wine & Food Festival Team