Miami Beach, FL – October 25, 2010 – The perks of being a nightlife photographer include but are not limited to the beautiful women that flock to South Beach’s numerous nightclubs every weekend. “Why I Love South Beach” will bring you an exclusive collection of the sexiest, edgiest, South Beach women caught on camera by our Red Eye Photographers. This is a collection of my last few weeks.

Gabriella Caballero & Natalie Pena at Richie Rich’s Afterparty at SET

Carolina Bauman & Jay Razi at Michael Capponi’s Friday Party at SET

Dana Dwyer, Ami Boeckmann, & Milan Vega at MISFIT Fridays at Louis Bar & Lounge

Veronica Cristina & Cristina Agosto at RANSOM Mondays at Mokai

Jamila Lima & Melissa Kawata at Contagious Behavior at SET

Lauren Balukonis at Sundance at SET

Karina Seckler, Anna Jasitz, & Celesta Gouvea at Sundays at Mondrian

Maya Odinova & Elena Tusnikova at  Red Dot Ritual at SET

Marissa Pierce & Maili Nomm at Caught with Candy at Pinkroom

  • ets

    ew. these women aren’t beautiful. sixes at best…