Tonight the sneak peek of a three part mini series Blood Dolphin$ will air on the Animal Planet directly following the season finale of Whale Wars. The show is the follow up to the Oscar winning Best Documentary “The Cove” which stared Richard O’Barry. Richard’s son Lincoln wrote, produced and starred in Blood Dolphin$.

Lincoln O’Barry, cofounder and president of BayRock Media, grew up in a unique environment – surrounded by dolphins. Unbeknownst to him as a child, most kids did not have dolphins in their backyard.

Born and raised in Coconut Grove, Fla., Lincoln spent most of his childhood in or around the ocean. He spent the first four years of his life at the original Dolphin Project headquarters where his father cared for dolphins he eventually released from captivity. Ric was the original trainer for the Flipper television series but is now world-renowned for his work against the captivity of dolphins. Now, Lincoln is following in his father’s footsteps.

Lincoln’s first visit to Japan came at the age of five while his father produced a series of “Celebrate the Whale” concerts throughout the country. It was on this trip that the family made its first visit to Taiji, the birthplace of Japanese whaling, and also the site of the Academy Award-winning film, The Cove, where thousands of dolphins are slaughtered each year. The goal of both father and son is to end this slaughter.

Lincoln, works with his father on the re-release of captive dolphins in such places as Colombia, Japan, Nicaragua and the United States. Lincoln serves as vice president and special events coordinator for The Dolphin Project an organization that aims to free captive dolphins and to educate people throughout the world about the plight of dolphins in captivity. For a great deal of his life, Lincoln has been in front of or behind the camera working with news and documentary teams around the globe.

Click Here to see photos from the NYC premier of “The Cove”

Lincoln O’Barry

Lincoln O’Barry

Lincoln O’Barry with his mother Martha Kent

Lincoln & Richard O’Barry

Solomon Islands

Richard O’Barry

“The Cove” – Taiji, Japan


  • let them be free………stop this stupid killing ….eat vegetable ….

  • There is nothing or any excuse for thos immoral behavior. These people are without souls. They are nasty and cruel. God cannot be smiling on this bloody cove seeing HIS precious dolphins swimming in this pool of blood. I know it’s all about money and the devil is in the puddng for anyone associated with japan killing these precious animals.And PLEASE, don’t forget WHALE WARS the same thing is going on with our beautiful WHALES. GOD, help us.

  • ednakano

    Noone have right to stop legal dolphin hunting.
    Crazy animal rights believers doing illegal activities.
    why “Dolphin$” because People like Ric O’barry rtied to use Dolphins to get money to cheat people.

  • John Bane

    Are you people serious? First of all it is NOT about the money, except what the O’Barry family can make at the expense of one of Japans poorest communities. These people are not killing dolphins because the want to become rich. They are doing it to feed the villagers of this small community. And please, don’t bring God into a discussion like this, shame on YOU. God made every animal on this panet FOR US!! Read your bible better. In Acts it says a vegetarian is “a person who is weak” and that meat IS good for the body. And as far as whale wars goes….. it is nothing more than ignored terrorism- plain and simple! IF that crap happened closer to OUR shores the U.S. Coast Guard would be all over them. People really are ignorant about what the choose to be important. We got rid of styrofoam and freon because it was harmful to “our” environment. Now most people in lower than 3rd world countries do not have a “legal” way of keeping what food they do have cold. It’s insane what people will do for a “cause”. YES protect the animals, reptiles, etc. but NOT at the cost of other humans way of life. I will quote one of the guys from “White Collar Comedy Tour”, “you can’t fix stupid!”