Chicago, IL – May 30, 2010 – LIVE LIFE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!!! The universe is so connected & it proves time & time again to bring good people together! Bill Rancic & I go way back! We appeared on the 1st Season of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” together and since then he married his beautiful & immensely talented soul mate Guiliana Rancic. To witness the love between them first hand is heart warming! I introduced the Rancics’ a while back to my “little brother & sister” Kara Olsen (who runs The Campins Company Chicago) and Greg Olsen, who plays for the Chicago Bears & they have since become good friends. Adore them all!!!! :-} The Rancics’, The Olsens’, Greg’s brother Chris Olsen, Jay Cutler- his buddies from Nashville, Allen and CHUY (whom I ADORE) joined in on the festivities – we went to dinner first and then headed to Karaoke at Blue Frog!!!!!!! HAD A BLAST! One of the best nights EVER! I consider myself beyond blessed to have such wonderful people around me for they truly inspire me to be GREATER! Thank you all for your genuine friendships. Much love!

Katrina Campins
Campins Company
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